Our objectives

1. The organization works in the field of youth and family protection, children and orphans and children of unknown parentage and street children.
2. the training of young people and children in social and financial education for children and young people (Plato).
3. raise the capacity of young people and make them aware of their issues in the various areas.
4. training young people earning and support and advocacy to create a stable security developed society.
5. contribute to building peace and acceptance, dialogue and citizenship.
6. the organization works in the field of human rights, education, health and environmental health (drugs and harmful habits, public health and HIV/AIDS) and the environment and the fight against poverty and juvenile delinquents.
7. respond to emergency situations and disasters and providing aid for everyone.
8. educate young people about issues of cultural, social, economic and coordination with the relevant authorities.
9. the organization works to develop the capacity of young people and women and children.
10. to support and develop youth entrepreneurship through microfinance.
11. work on the ownership of life skills for young people and children out of school

12. Health education and training in first aid and primary care health centres for the provision of health services